Your business can:

Thrive, get more enquiries, attract leads, and close sales. And with great copywriting, it can be easy.

Let’s help your business find its WHY, so that your customers look at you and find their YES.

we write copy about your business

Connect with your audience, intentionally and purposefully, using tailored copywriting solutions

You can have a game-changing product, customer experience that makes you fall in love with people again, and after-sales service that gets you invited to Christmas dinners. But if your messaging doesn’t sell the product, nothing will. (Unless you’re prepared to go door-to-door. Are you?)

Founded in 2007, we’ve grown with digital, immersed ourselves in data-driven copywriting, and found the formulas that work. Whether you need inbound or outbound copywriting, business proposals or white papers, some copy guidance or training on how to write copy yourselves, we’ve got you.

And if you don’t know what copy solutions you need to get your desired results? We can talk that through and figure it out together.

We’ve helped countless businesses like yours find their voice and express it online.

We’ve also helped said businesses get super-clear on who their target audience is so that we can speak only to them. There’s no point in speaking to people who aren’t interested in what you have to say, right?

Connect with your audience in a way that’s clear, meaningful, and authentic.

We can do it for you using copywriting services honed over almost two decades, or we can teach you how to do it yourself through personalised copywriting consulting or mentorship sessions.

Convert new leads and get your customers to say YES to you

Start with a website audit. An audit evaluates the quality of your content and website as a whole. It ensures that the experience you’re delivering will hit all the right notes and have your customers gagging to connect with you.

That’s what we all want, right? It starts here with laying the proper foundation.

get me off the ground audit


  • Pre-audit questionnaire
  • 30-minute discovery call
  • Benchmark setup
  • Audit of your site for ten core SEO must-haves
  • Findings, recommendations, and priority list
  • Get your site visible in search
  • Set yourself up to best web practice

Suitable for small businesses and up to 5 page websites

SEO Content audit


  • Pre-audit questionnaire
  • 1-hour discovery call
  • Benchmark setup
  • High-level, site-wide content audit
  • Detailed findings, recommendations and priority list
  • All on-page SEO must-haves
  • Does your content speak to your audience?
  • Is your copy SEO friendly?
  • Will your copy convert?
  • Target the right keywords for your audience
  • Get your content found in search
  • Get your customers to say YES to you

Suitable for small to medium sized businesses

TEchnical seo audit


  • Pre-audit questionnaire
  • 1-hour discovery call
  • Benchmark setup
  • High-level technical audit focusing on SEO fundamentals
  • Detailed findings, recommendations and priority list
  • Covering a suite of technical ranking factors
  • Is your website visible in search? If not, why not?
  • Is your site set up for best web practice?
  • Site speed, mobility, crawlability, indexation…
  • Everything you need to get your site ranking

Suitable for small to medium sized businesses

comprehensive website audit


  • Pre-audit questionnaire
  • 1-hour discovery call
  • Benchmark setup
  • High-level technical and content audit
  • Everything included in our SEO Content Audit
  • Everything included in our Technical Audit
  • Detailed findings, recommendations and priority list
  • The whole enchilada

Suitable for small to medium sized businesses

An audit highlights the hidden issues holding you and your website performance back

Once we expose that detail, it’s easy to see where you need to focus both your content and SEO efforts. We make it super-clear and easy to understand. Every audit item is detailed with a description, why it’s important, what the status is on your website, and how we recommend you move forward. Plus, we map out the implementation plan or we implement the recommendations for you too. With that clean foundation, your copy will have room to SHINE!

Simple, clear copywriting

Written for your audience

We get into the minds of your audience. We find the right language to use to communicate with them, as well as the words that correlate with their searches and struggles.


No more throwing words on a page, hoping they’ll stick

Through writing your copy (or teaching you to write your own), we can explain what you do and why people should care.

done for you copywriting


Speak to your audience where they are. Whether that be scrolling through search engine results pages, reading content on LinkedIn, or going through their emails with a cup of coffee in the morning.

copywriting training

Learn to tailor your content to suit your target market in a way that’s authentic, engaging, but also guided by data and copywriting fundamentals. Your in-house team can learn these principles and copywriting skills through our copywriting training.

copywriting training

COPYWRITING mentorship

Learning copywriting skills is very different to being educated with information. Our bespoke, hands-on copywriting mentorship programmes and masterclasses offer you training over time so that you can manage your copywriting in-house.

We know that your business is super important to you. It is to us too.

That’s why when we step in, we honour what you’ve created and we take the time to get to know you, your business, your dreams, and grand plans. Through conversation and an informal discovery process, we get clear on the outcomes you are seeking and we work with you to achieve them.
Working with Archetype Copywriting has been a breeze. They are easy to work with, require minimal input and instruction and the content that they produce is fantastic.

Kaylene Grieve
CEO, SEO Sales And Social Media
We’ve been working with Katherine for the past few months and have been blown away by her copywriting skills! Put simply, Katherine’s copywriting has helped us to increase sales and reach our business goals. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

James Gregory

Gone Digital has worked with Archetype for many years, and continue to do so from our offices in London and Cape Town. They provide consistent, high-quality editorial content.

Luke Peters
CEO, Gone Digital Group
What is left to say? Not much, except…

Whatever you want for your business, we want to help you communicate it