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Businesses rely on active, professional communication with their clients in order to run effectively. How else would you stay in touch? There are a number of different content requirements that need to flow on a daily basis. Without a dedicated in-house copywriter or content team at your disposal, you might be missing a few beats. Possibly even sending out a few cringe-worthy typos in your brochures or white papers. Making the decision to outsource business content writing will remove the pressures associated with aligning your messaging to each content requirement.

Your business no doubt has a dedicated manager for each team overseeing all the day-to-day responsibilities for each department. You have IT technicians for the IT department, and accountants to manage your books. But do you have a content writer to deliver on all the wordy stuff that needs to go out on the regular? Content creation is at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to full-time digital marketing roles, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Hence, the need to outsource copywriting arises.

Benefits Of Hiring A Content Team For Your Content Needs

It’s pretty straightforward, really, but a content writer is going to polish up your content and help your business shine! That’s what content writers do. That’s also why people choose to outsource business content writing. Copywriters take boring topics and make them engaging. Injecting life into everyday solutions, products, or services, and helping others see the benefit in them. Like this… helping you see the benefit in outsourcing your content writing needs:

  • Prepared for anything. You’ll always have professional, consistent, and comprehensive copy to offer for every business need
    • Think email marketing, SEO articles, social media, brochures, website content, business proposals, white papers, financials… the list goes on
  • Save resources. By outsourcing your copywriting, you’ll have time to focus on the things you’re good at
  • Consolidated copy. The messaging you float out into the Internet ether will always reflect your brand and tone of voice (provided you use a solid team that works with content style guidelines)
  • Enhanced public interest. Marketing your business is one thing, but writing your marketing copy is somewhat of an art form. You will always get this right and ensure engagement with your industry audience
  • Professional. Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone can write well… especially for the web. A professional copywriting team will get your story out there in a way that captivates your target audience and elevates your messaging
  • New perspectives. Outsourcing your content requirements to fresh brains will help you get a different perspective on what you offer. Different angles and approaches could be the zing your business communication is needing

How To Outsource Business Content Writing Requirements

Tackling your content writing needs strategically is where it’s at and it’s incredibly easy to set up:

  1. Assess your content writing needs. Look at every angle of your content and determine whether you’re meeting the requirements for each:
    1. What are your core deliverables in terms of copywriting?
    2. What are the most important messages that need fine-tuning?
    3. Does your website content communicate your offering and entice people to find out more?
    4. Do you have an attention-grabbing social presence?
  2. Determine your budget. Not all copywriting will be 100% necessary straight off the bat. Prioritise. Then set a “nice to have” budget aligned to each. Do some research around costs so that you can set realistic goals for both you and your content writing team.
  3. Gather quotations for copywriting. The rule of thumb is to get three quotes for each service you intend on taking up. Gather your copywriting quotes and make a decision based on interaction, price, the team’s experience, and how they intend to help solve your problems for you.
  4. Start with a paid test piece. You cannot outsource business content writing and then ask the team to work for free while you test the waters. Set up a paid trial piece and analyse how you work together, how well they deliver, and whether or not they deliver on time.
  5. Agree on an ongoing partnership. Many content writing teams will be happy to set up a retainer with you whereby X amount of content is required for Y cost every month. A mutually beneficial relationship becomes a partnership. Both teams benefit, and you all have the same end goal in mind.
  6. Arm your writing team with information. No one knows your business the way that you do. Give them all the information they need to write about you effectively.

Best Practices For Great Partnerships

The best partnerships between content writers and businesses are those that are formulated on mutual respect for one another. Your dedicated content writers are also business owners providing a service. With great communication, transparency, and reasonable business terms, both of you can prosper and get the most out of your arrangement.

Are you looking to outsource business content writing to a professional team? Then you know where we’re going with this. Get in touch with the Archetype Copywriting team and let’s get your message out there!

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