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Yes, we love a good “Five Reasons Why…” type of blog post as much as the next copywriting agency. They’re usually meshed together with a good dose of superfluous waffle, but this one’s an exception. Apart from this opener, this article has some meat, and is our take on why you should outsource copywriting for your business.

First up, we respect that your business is close to your heart…

We get it. Your business is your baby and you want to nurture it on your own. It’s also incredibly difficult to relinquish control over something that you know more about than anyone else could possibly fathom. But you might be doing yourself a disservice by not outsourcing your content writing services. (Yeah, there’s totally something in it for us if we tell you that, but we’re also going to be honest. It’s our vibe.)

Here are our five reasons to use a professional copywriting agency. (Conveniently, we are one of those.) They’re all credible reasons and they might help you see a unique perspective.

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1. Copywriters Are Trained To Offer Copywriting Services

Dare we state the obvious, but copywriting agencies have wrangled some of the best copywriters in the business to help them service their client base. These are professionals who write content for a living and have honed their craft along with the changes in digital marketing. When you outsource copywriting services to a team, you’re paying for the cream of the crop.

Because they’re the incredibly skilled at what they do, you can expect a certain level of really good customer service from them too. You’ll have a round or two of reverts factored into said copywriting service, to ensure that you walk away with a finished product you’re proud of. But you’ll also have a deliverable that has considered many of additional factors that you might not see. Call them bonus extras.

For example, let’s say you get a copywriting agency to write product descriptions for your e-commerce store. Instead of simply receiving the product write-up, you could expect something like this:

  • The product descriptions
  • A title tag for the page to maximise SEO performance
  • A meta description too
  • Any keywords highlighted for easy reference
  • Image alt tags that tie in with the products
  • Strong call to action, aligned with your store’s structure
  • Any micro copy that needs to be considered, etc.

Copywriters are used to working within big teams, feeding into design and development, as well as user experience or product development. They know what information is required and requested time and again, so it’s second nature to provide that upfront.

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2. You Cannot Replicate Time And There’s Never Enough

Time is the one thing we cannot engineer more of, and it’s always in short supply. As our most precious commodity, we spend time on the things that generate the highest and quickest return. When your business is focused on landing more sales, copywriting gets shoved to the bottom of the priority pile. Actually under the priority pile, if we’re being honest.

Let’s consider other elements of your business for a second. Your bookkeeping and accounting. If you don’t have an in-house accounting team, you’ll more than likely outsource that responsibility. You wouldn’t try and manage the legal aspects of your business without an outsourced service. Or would you?

Writers are always in writing mode… sometimes they need to listen to music or do a yoga pose to get some inspiration, but once they’re going, they can’t be stopped. They don’t need to set aside hours in the day to get “into the zone” to write your content. They don’t need to carve out time to try and figure out where to start. Once they’re briefed (a watertight brief is the basis of all good copywriting) they use tried and tested methods of getting into the mind of the target audience and writing content for them.

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3. Businesses Often Skip The Content Strategy Process

Maybe that’s not you, and if not – go you! But most of our clients come to us because they either don’t have time to write quality content themselves, or they’re not being strategic about it. Content marketing is an incredibly lucrative avenue for lead generation, when used appropriately. Creating a content strategy ahead of writing up any web pages or blog posts creates a robust framework to work within.

Instead of simply creating copy because “we’ve got to get something out there”, you’re creating it to feed into your strategy, which has defined objectives and proposed outcomes. Your content strategy considers what type of content – articles, white papers, press releases, landing pages, etc – needs to be written to get the appropriate message across to your target audience. But it also considers the purpose for each piece of copy, when it should be written, and how it complements the rest of your content and feeds into the overarching objectives.

Plus, a solid copywriting team will first understand who you are as a business, what your brand voice is, and how you should be be using that golden thread across your communications. (Don’t have a brand voice guide? We’ve got you.)

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4. Creating Content At Scale

If you’ve got an in-house copywriting team, you might have this dialled. But if not, it can be difficult to scale your content marketing requirements without tapping into the support of professional copy team. Anyone in the content game knows the story of needing to produce 140 variations of a topic in unique, individual articles. By next Tuesday. Your business will peak and trough and you might have clients who experience the same undulating motion.

Working with a professional content creation team, you’ll always be prepared for the natural ebb and flow of requirement. You can scale the service when the surge hits, and you dial it back when things quieten down. We’ve often seen businesses hiring externally during a period of rapid expansion, only to have a full-time salary to pay when the inevitable contraction comes along a bit further down the line.

This is especially useful if your content and marketing requirements are seasonal. You can ramp up the blog writing and social media posts for your holiday rush, and scale back when things start to ease off again. You’re saving money, spending only when you need to, not to mention getting your hands on some quality copywriting when you’re run off your feet and most need the support.

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5. You’re Too Close To Home

There. We said it. It burns, but it’s true.

This is the primary reason we believe that most businesses should outsource their website content, blog posts, landing pages, etc to a professional content writing agency. You’re so close to your business that you only see it through the lens of your perception. You see the blood, sweat, and tears that has gone into creating this amazing solution. You see the time and energy that it drawn into generating leads and business growth. In your eyes, it’s this game-changing product or service that will change lives. So, you position it as such.

Nothing wrong… except. Your target audience reads your website copy and sees another business harping on about how great they are. Too often, businesses forget about the user in all of the careful placement of the “right words” on a web page. Even those that write high quality copy.

They forget about the user’s pain points and how to position the solution in a way that resonates with what they’re going through. The user, not you or the business. They forget where the user might be within their lead generation funnel, and forget what they need at that time. They’re so focused on getting more business, that they just push the solution without creating context for why it might be useful.

By getting a team to manage your copywriting service, you get all of that insight and background factored into the copy. You get the foresight. You get the external viewpoint. You get a closer alignment to your target audience because it’s being written from that perspective and not from yours. It sounds like a small gap in perspective, and it might be. But it produces a massive gap in interpretation.

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Copywriting agencies have experience that spans various industries and a great number of different organisations. More often than not, you’ll find a writing team that has done time writing for a business just like yours. They will know the ins and outs of what works for your industry, what’s been done before, and how it can be done better.

It doesn’t matter if you need content for a single landing page or website copy for a hundred different clients. Outsourcing the responsibility takes a weight off your shoulders, a chunk from your list of responsibilities, and leaves the ownership with an external team.

If they’re worth their salt (and they should be if you choose to work with them) they’ll take that ownership seriously and deliver on it to or beyond your expectations. It’s a good move. A bold move, but a good one.

Keen to explore outsourcing your content? Speak to a copywriter here.

PS: the background for this article was based purely on our own experience as a copywriting team. We can’t speak for all content agencies, but we’d like to hope that they’d all deliver copywriting services in a way that builds trust and longevity.

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