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The dilemma of outsourcing your SEO content or doing it all in-house is something every SaaS company has to face. And it’s only natural – content is one of the most crucial marketing assets.

Thanks to the effective use of SaaS SEO content, companies can attract potential customers, build trust and authority, and increase customer acquisition rates while keeping costs low. Before reaping these benefits, though, there are some hoops to jump through.

For starters, the SaaS space tends to have complex solutions that could be challenging for the average end-user. The sales cycle is also longer on average, especially for B2B SaaS. These two challenges call for a specific approach to content marketing for SaaS, which includes:

  • Ensuring there’s a balance between demystifying the SaaS solution and staying on the good side of non-technical prospects
  • Creating SaaS SEO content that’s in alignment with each stage of the customer journey.

So, the question then becomes which of the two routes – outsourcing or in-house – is the most ideal for a SaaS company to produce content that hits the mark on these unique requirements.

Time to find out.

Outsourcing SaaS SEO Content – Pros and Cons

Outsourcing SEO content simply means letting someone who’s not part of your company handle all your SEO copywriting needs. This could be either a freelancer or an SEO copywriting agency.


Easily Scalable

You can easily hire more freelancers or pay more to an agency as your content needs grow. Hiring a new in-house team member, on the other hand, requires a lot more effort and time.

Cost Efficient

It certainly costs less to pay on a per-project basis than having a full-time team. It’s also relatively easy to find an agency or freelancer within your budget without incurring the additional costs that come with a full-time employee.


Less Brand Knowledge on the Freelancer’s or Agency’s Part

This is especially true for short-term engagements. Nailing important components like goals, brand voice, and audience takes a bit of time.

Not Always Reliable

Hiring a third party for your SEO content involves a bit of shooting in the dark.

A lot of freelancers and agencies are professionals. However, there are a few others that will have problems with meeting deadlines, communicating clearly, and consistently delivering quality content. You might have to wade through a handful of these before striking the ideal freelancer or agency.

In-House SEO Content – Pros and Cons

With in-house content creation, a SaaS company will have an internal person or team – dedicated or otherwise – staying on top of everything.

Pros of In-House SaaS SEO Content Creation

More Control Over the Content Creation Process

You’ll be in charge of everything that goes on, so you get to decide how everything should proceed depending on what you deem best for your content and overall marketing strategy. The type and amount of content, schedule, and time spent on content are all elements that can be easily tweaked with an internal team.

Employee Development

SaaS companies that want to get it right with SEO content must ensure their internal team understands the intricacies of content marketing, usually by ensuring the team members get the right training or coaching. This might be costly at the onset but it can be immensely rewarding down the road for both the company and employees.

Cons of In-House SaaS SEO Content Creation

More Expensive

This goes back to the point about employee development above. Onboarding, mentorship, and training of the team who’ll work on your SaaS SEO content is going to burn a hole in the company’s coffer. The tools, too, cost quite a bit. It takes time to get them to the level of experience that you need to deliver exceptional content.

Skill Gaps

Content marketing, like most roles, requires a certain level of expertise for the best execution. It takes a long time to build up this level of expertise in-house unless the employees come from a content background.


As a SaaS company, which direction should you choose as far as SEO content is concerned? The choice ultimately comes down to case-by-case considerations. 

Your company’s content needs will naturally change with time. There might also be different pros and cons associated with your specific needs. By identifying where you are, what your company needs, and what your goals and desired outcomes are, you’ll be better positioned to understand whether in-house or outsourced will fit you best.

If outsourcing ends up being your number one choice, give us a shout. Our suite of copywriting services can support your business at the level you’re at.

Author Bio

Oscar Musundi is a freelance writer with expertise in the SaaS B2B field. He handles the content side of things to help SaaS companies in their marketing efforts.

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