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A strategic approach for fun-loving brands to help you find your brand voice and let it lead your copywriting

If you’ve joined me here today, you know that your words have the power to charm, engage and convert. That’s the beauty that accompanies having a knack for copywriting and content creation. As a fun-loving brand, you’re probably a natural sweet talker… or typer. But let’s cut the cute and ‘fess up to the fact that corporate jargon and rigid formalities can make even your most compelling work sound dull and uninspiring. 

Your brand personality is your superpower, unique to only you. Today, I am going to walk you through how by using content style guidelines, you can inject your brand’s traits into your content, transforming it from lacklustre into engaging, relatable communication that perfectly mirrors your brand voice.

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You’ve Got To Know Your Brand Voice To Speak It

Engaging content is one thing, but it becomes a whole other kettle of fish when supported by a solid representation of your brand voice. To help you narrow that down, personify your brand voice in alignment with your brand – what traits does it possess? Is it playful, fun and cheeky? Sophisticated yet witty? 

The goal is to construct your brand voice to mirror and promote your company values in a way that appeals to your target audience. 

Strategy: List the adjectives that you feel best describe the personality of your brand and let them guide your copy style. If your brand is creative, quirky and friendly, reflect these traits in your copy.

Breaking Down The Walls Of Formality

Formality generally builds a barrier between you and your audience. Breaking down these barriers and trading formal for conversational, will make your content insurmountably more engaging. Write as if you’re having a chat with a friend, as opposed to addressing a boardroom full of scary executives.  

Strategy: Swap “you are” for “you’re” and pose rhetorical questions to lighten up your copy and give it a more conversational edge. Instead of saying “Our services are unparalleled”, give “Why settle for less when you can have the best?” a try.

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Don’t Be Shy, Show Us Who You Are

Like I said before, your personality – and your brand’s by extension – is your superpower and should shine through in every piece of content. Don’t be shy with it! Tickle your audience with your humour, indulge them in anecdotes and throw some of your own unique phrases around too. Nothing is more enjoyable and engaging than human-friendly content. 

Strategy: Come up with some brand-specific catch phrases, your own unique jargon. If your brand is all about adventure, you could refer to your team as “explorers” and your audience as “fellow explorers”.

Keep It Sweet And Simple

A massive pitfall in formal content is that it is often unnecessarily complex. Your audience shouldn’t have to dissect your writing to understand what you’re trying to say. Opt for language that is simple, delivering a clear and accessible message, and avoid getting too technical – it might alienate your audience. 

Strategy: It’s really just a game of synonyms – instead of saying “utilise”, try “use”. Instead of “facilitate” try “help”. Simple and clear is always the better option.

Oh Look, A Pretty Picture

Never underestimate the power of visuals and formatting. They do a world of good in complementing the readability and engagement of your writing, making your content digestible and nice to look at. 

Strategy: Chuck in some fun graphics, a meme or two and some doodles that match your brand voice. Emphasise your key points with bold and italic text and make sure your content is easy on the eyes with plenty of white space.

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Open The Door For Conversation

Encourage your audience to engage and participate in what you’re writing about. Ask questions, invite comments and thoughts, and create calls-to-action that encourage your readers to take the next step.

Strategy: ​​Finish your posts off with a question or a prompt. “Ready to rebrand your copy style? Let’s get started!”

Embrace Your Authentic Quirk 

As humans, we know the value of person-to-person communication. This is especially prominent in content creation, an avenue for well-built connections with your audience and the construction of a true and memorable brand altogether. Remember, authenticity will always win. 

It may not be an overnight improvement and we can all benefit from a little help sometimes, so feel free to get in touch with the Archetype family if you need help putting together your own copy style guidelines. We’ve constructed comprehensive copy guidelines and brand voice guides for multiple brands and businesses… even the formal and corporate ones… so we know how best to help nail that down for you.

Pop us a mail here and let’s chat.

PS: these components listed here are only the tippity tip of the iceberg when it comes to formalising your copy style guidelines and brand voice. But once you’ve done the work to create that foundation, there will never be any doubt about how you’re supposed to “show up” online, whether you are a team of multiple writers or just one solo scribe.

Amber-Skye Charalambides

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