SEO content writing and small business courses to get you out of the noise and into the world

What do you want to learn today?

As experts in SEO content writing, we thought it only fair to share the wealth of knowledge in a way that’s easily digestible and action-orientated. There are so many content writing courses out there that are vague and watered down. Our courses offer you insight into how we write SEO content for our clients to help their content perform so that you can do the same for your business.

As a small business, you also might not have the necessary skills to get your content out into the world. Where do you begin?

We map out the exact steps you need to take to get from A to B; from where you are now to your desired outcome. Start with Mastering Keyword Research. It’s a free course that provides an excellent platform for investigation into your target audience’s searching habits.

Content writing courses

content writing courses

Master the art of keyword research to springboard your SEO content writing

Keyword research is the basis of all SEO content writing. This simple (free) course is the foundation of everything you will learn as an SEO copywriter and it will help you get into the minds of your audience so that you can craft the content they are looking for.