WHEN YOU learn to conduct basic keyword research

You can attract your audience to your business using keyword-rich copy

Learn the research skills that the best SEO copywriters use to help them write copy for their client’s target audiences. We guide you through the basics using three different keyword research methods.

Our FREE keyword research course will help you understand your audience’s searching habits

Which is not only really cool information to have at your disposal. It’s real insight you can actively use to tailor your content and marketing towards the exact people you’re hoping will buy from you.

keyword research

By the end of this course, you will have learned:

  • How to conduct basic keyword research
  • How to use three different research tools: Google’s Keyword Planner, Google’s People Also Ask feature, and Answer The Public
  • How to drill down into different locations
  • How to create your own keyword research document
  • How to read and understand your research so that you can apply it in all areas of your business

Put your product or service out into the world with confidence that it will be found

Gain inside insight

By understanding your audience’s searching habits, you can better understand the problems they are looking to solve.

Create quality SEO content

With the right keywords at your disposal, you can create content that will truly help your audience with their needs.

Connect with your audience

Finding resonance with your audience is the best way to connect with them, and eventually work with them too.

Loads of small businesses have already taken the course and applied it to their immediate needs.

It’s free. It’s no longer than 1 hour. It’s available to you to use as many times as you need to refresh your memory. There’s no reason not to get started on mastering keyword research.

“Loved the practical examples on keywords with great explanations that make sense. I really enjoyed the experience and it added huge value to my business.”

Cheryl Barnett – Co-Founder, Social Kids

All that remains is a simple question.

Are you ready to master keyword research for your business?