Content Style Guidelines

Sharpen your brand voice. Nail the connection with your audience.

Copy style guidelines are your business’s content bible. Your brand’s voice. Once created, it’s a living, breathing document that you’ll carry with you across all your content verticals, making sure that everything your business writes sounds like it came from the same writer. Even when it didn’t. Nail consistent, brand-reflective copy on every platform, every time.

Get a vibe check on your copy every time it’s written

Whether you’re creating a social media post or a business proposal, everything that is written for your business will be 100% reflective of your brand voice. A clear copy style guide.

content style guidelines

If your copy doesn’t reflect your business ethos, it’s not speaking for you. Right?

A tight, professionally defined copy style bible help you align all written work to one unified voice. The voice of your business that speaks on behalf of you when you can’t.

  • Define what your brand voice is, and also what it’s not
  • Use the same style of writing and consistencies for each social post, ad, web page, or white paper
  • Give each of your business writers a solid foundation to write from and a clear area to write within

Find your brand voice, even if you don’t know what it should be

Your copy style and brand voice guidelines will help you get to the root of your business’s personality and help you articulate that in words. Nail down how you want customers to perceive you, what emotions you want to elicit, and how you want to communicate. Once it’s in writing, it’s real… it’s official! And you’ve got a point of reference for any copy you ever write from here until eternity.

What you get with your copy and brand voice guidelines:
  • 30-minute kick-off call
  • Detailed research and discovery process (you’ll need to fill in a Google Doc questionnaire for this)
  • Once we have the questionnaire back, we take seven working days to create your brand voice guide
  • Comprehensive copy style guideline document for your writers to use on every piece of copy and every vertical
  • Loom video rundown of what’s in the guide and how to use it

Ask yourself this… if your business was a movie star, who would that be? By the end of this process, we will know. And your brand voice will be speaking Tom Hanks or Viola Davis better than the actors themselves.

Get clear on how you want to be grasped, felt, and understood.

Create content quicker

Improve speed to market by creating a clear focus area to work within.

Obliterate common errors

Remove phrases, descriptives and common brand voice errors before they make the draft.

Remove confusion or ambiguity

Create clarity and consistency around how you want your business to be perceived.

copy style guidelines

Not sure if your business needs content style guidelines?

If you have multiple writers working on your copy, a style guideline document creates the channel of safety for them to work within. Not only does this help writers channel their creativity, but it also ensures that they are creating content that represents the voice of your business.

These copy and brand voice guidelines leave nothing to chance. From writing of numbers to words that create the right emotion; your content style guidelines provide clear parameters to write within.