Content Style Guidelines

Refine a singular voice across all your content

Copy style guidelines are your business’s content bible. Once created, it’s a living, breathing document that you’ll carry with you across all your content verticals, ensuring that everything you write sounds like it came from the same writer. Consistent. Brand-reflective. Yours.

Create consistency across all your copy

Whether you’re creating a social media post or a business proposal, everything that is written for your business (and regardless of who writes it) can be 100% reflective of your brand with a clear copy style guide.

content style guidelines

Your copy can and should reflect your business ethos

A tight, professionally defined copy style bible help you align all written work to one unified voice. The voice of your business.

  • Use the same style of writing and consistencies for each social post, ad, or white paper
  • Give each of your business writers a solid foundation to write from and a clear area to write within
  • Understand what words should and shouldn’t be associated with your business

Why choose Archetype to create content style guidelines for your business?

Through an in-depth Q&A session, we get to the root of what you want to communicate and how best to do that. Our research and discovery process helps us define what words can and should be used to amplify your brand, while underlining the ones that do the opposite (so that your writers can avoid them at all costs).

Create content quicker

Improve speed to market by creating a clear focus area to work within.

Obliterate common errors

Remove phrases, descriptives and common copy errors before they make the draft.

Remove confusion or ambiguity

Create clarity and consistency around how best to create your business content.

copy style guidelines

Not sure if your business needs content style guidelines?

If you have multiple writers working on your copy, content style guidelines create the channel of safety for them to work within. Not only does this help writers channel their creativity, but it also ensures that they are creating content that represents who you are as a business.

These copy guidelines leave nothing to chance. From writing of numbers to words that create the right emotion; your content style guidelines provide clear parameters to write within.