Copywriting Mentorship

Start writing SEO copy with your own copywriting mentor

Copywriting skills take years to develop, but that doesn’t mean you need to hold back on writing SEO content for your business’s website. Our copywriting mentorship is here for you to benefit from our expertise.

Copywriting mentorship for businesses

Add our years of experience as search engine copywriting professionals into your arsenal of skills. We work with you, as part of your team, to help you start writing SEO copy that brings organic traffic through the door.

write SEO copy

Hire a copywriting mentor for a half-day, full day, or a week

You will have our undivided attention for the time you buy. We’ll be so involved in helping you write your SEO copy that you’ll want to keep us. But we’ll do it so well that when we’re done, you won’t need us anymore. With your copywriting mentorship, you can…

  • Get support to plan your upcoming site launch
  • Get support to optimise your existing copy
  • Get support to master the intricacies of SEO copy
  • Get a coach for your copywriting team so they can learn how to write SEO copy that gets found in search results

Why choose Archetype as your copywriting mentor?

We’ve been writing SEO copy since 2007 and it’s somewhat of a passion. An art, if you will. SEO copywriting is a beautiful combination of data, great content, and a myriad little details that fit together to get pages ranking on Google and other search engines. We know the intricacies, and we show you how to implement them.

Learn the mechanics of SEO content

We know how to structure content so that it can be found in search engine results pages.

Get unfiltered feedback on your copy

You write the content, we review it and offer constructive feedback to make your copy work.

Work through challenges in real time

We’ll guide you through your SEO copywriting challenges, such as getting your copy indexed and read.

SEO copywriting

Not sure if you need copywriting mentorship?

You have to be sure that it’s for you or your business, and it might not be. It requires commitment to the end result, while being able to take constructive (yet empowering) criticism.

If you want to create high-performing SEO content time and again, then it’s for you. If you want to know how to deliver content that both users and search engines love, then it’s for you. If you want to be able to produce the kinds of results that SEO copywriting agencies deliver on, then it’s for you. If you’re ready to write up your business’s website copy and you want to optimise it, then it’s for you.