Generate leads and interest with email sales copy

We write sales prospecting copywriting that is founded on data, giving us a clean and clear launchpad for success

email sales copy

What is sales prospecting copywriting?

Using data to guide us, we create email copy or LinkedIn messaging that can be sent out to cold prospects, meaning people who are not aware of you or your business. The outreach process aims to create a connection and answer a problem or pain point that we think the prospect might have.

Not every recipient will have a need for your product or services, but for those who do, it’s a viable way to generate leads.

We look at your target market, your business, and the solution you are selling, and we write your sales email copy using proven formulas that hook, engage, and convert.

Cold email and LinkedIn might be a resource you haven’t considered for lead generation

cold email copywriting

Cold email copywriting

Ever thought “if only X business knew about my product”? If you said yes, cold email copy is for you. Start reaching out to cold email prospects today.
LinkedIn outreach copywriting

LinkedIn outreach copywriting

LinkedIn is a world of opportunity for businesses looking to make new connections. Get started with LinkedIn outreach copywriting.
landing page copywriting

Landing page copywriting

Matching your sales outreach with quality landing page copy creates a seamless experience. Find out more about landing page copywriting.

Data-driven email sales copy written with the purpose to convert

Start creating awareness, interest, and leads by reaching out to potential customers with our proven email sales copywriting formulas.