Website Content Audit

See where your content is performing best (or worst) with an SEO content audit

To make your copy work for you, it needs to be written meaningfully and positioned in exactly the right way for search engines to find and rank it accordingly. Our website content audit analyses where your strengths and weaknesses are, giving you actionable steps on how turn your SEO copy into a marketing machine,

Get the inside scoop on your SEO web copy performance within 14 days

Even if you understand how search engines work, how they crawl your site and categorise content, getting your website copy to rank is an art. Like all great art, there is process behind the perfection, and that begins with a solid SEO content audit.

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Put an end to poor performing content and amplify copy that drives traffic and converts customers

Consider us your team of SEO investigators who can tell the difference between the two. We get straight to work on identifying how we can make each page of your website into a high-performing, SEO-focused, conversion-optimal machine:

  • Gain clarity on what content works for you and what doesn’t
  • Get your value proposition noticed
  • Get insights into how your content should be organised for maximum amplification
  • Get your audience to take the right action from your copy

What do you get with an SEO content audit?

We start with a 45-60 minute kick-off call where you can give us the rundown on your business, your competitors, and SEO history. We need to understand your existing SEO strategy to be able to tell if it’s working for you through your content.

Before we get to work, we’ll take a snapshot of your current SEO metrics that we consider the benchmark. (This will be your measure of performance further down the line after you’ve implemented your SEO content audit recommendations.)

Once we have the data secured and tucked away, we get cracking. We will take 14 days to compile a comprehensive SEO content audit document that will give you a detailed rundown of each of the following on-page elements, including the findings and recommendations in how they relate to your website:

  • SEO keyword strategy effectiveness
  • General SEO keyword usage
  • Appropriate meta data write-up
  • Appropriate optimisation of content
  • Use of heading tags
  • Content crawlability and indexation
  • Use of image alt tags and descriptors
  • Use of citations and outbound links
  • Use of links within the page
  • Content hierarchy and structure
  • Content value, relevance and accuracy
  • Summary of all data relating to your content

Your SEO content audit concludes with a priority list that shows you the order of implementation that will get you the best results as soon as possible.

Improve content performance

You can’t improve performance if you don’t know what’s holding it back. We’ll identify the culprits and recommend how to deal with them

Find gaps in your content strategy

Building content over time often leaves gaps in your SEO keyword strategy. We will find the gaps you need to plug and give you cues on how to fix them.

Strengthen your credibility

Having a rich website experience comes down to – among other things – cohesive content. We’ll show you how you can bring it all together.

SEO copywriting

Not sure if you need a website content audit?

As self-confessed SEO nerds, we know exactly what on-page elements are needed for your content to rank, but we also know how your copy should be written and structured. If your website isn’t performing as well as it should, you need a content audit to identify where you need to focus your efforts.

Google is a lot smarter than we realise (being able to pick up poor sentence structure and grammatical errors) but so long as we match their end goal of serving quality, properly structured content to users, we can’t go wrong.

It starts here.