SEO Website Copywriting

Move up in search results with SEO web content

With so many competitors in every niche, you need to make use of every possible way to stand out online. Creating SEO website copy that speaks to your audience will help you rise up above the noise.

Get your site noticed online

We write your SEO website copy using keyword research data to define a direction. Our tried and tested copywriting formula helps your content gain visibility in search engine results pages, helping you stand out. Helping you get noticed. Helping you gain traction.

SEO web content

Web copy helps your audience decide if your solution is for them

But copywriting is often overlooked, fighting for position at the bottom of the marketing priority list. We help you understand the importance and show you the value of optimising your content so that it can actually be found in search results.

  • We help you get into the minds of your audience
  • We do the research into how they search for your content
  • We formulate your website copy based on solid SEO principles, gearing it up to perform for you

Why choose Archetype to write your SEO website copy?

We cut our teeth as SEO copywriting professionals by writing SEO web content. We’ve been doing it since 2007 and have evolved with search engine intelligence (and now AI too). Rest assured, if we use AI, we use it for research purposes only. Every piece of content produced by Archetype Copywriting is written by a dedicated, skilled, and exceedingly awesome human being.

Get found in a sea of content

There are 6.43 billion pages (and counting) already on the internet. Targetting search queries that are relevant to your business gives you a much better chance of being found.

Stand out from your competitors

Creating content based on an SEO strategy gives you a fighting chance of ranking higher that your competition in search engine results pages.

Appeal to your target audience

Appropriate keyword targeting matches the search queries and search intent of your target audience. We can then create content that answers their queries.

Not sure if your business needs SEO content writing?

We can conduct an SEO content audit on your site to determine where you stand in search results, and where you can improve. We review everything from the way your title tags are written (or if you even have any – eek!) to the way your content is formatted.

We can also conduct a technical SEO audit on your site to see if you’ve got all the technical bits and pieces in place. With a strong foundation, you have a much higher chance of ranking in Google search results.