Get Me Off The Ground SEO Audit

Get your new or small business website visible in search with our starter SEO audit

Your website can only work for you if people find it. It can only be found if it’s built according to basic web standards and what is called SEO best practice. We audit your site against a set of ten pre-defined, proven optimisation techniques, to make sure that (when our recommendations are implemented) your business has the best chance of being found in Google search results.

Get a detailed guide to optimising your site for best SEO practice

This is for you if you’re a small business with a website of under ten pages. You’re a startup and you simply want to tick the main boxes to make sure your site is ready for SEO action. Or you don’t have a lot of budget and want to take steps towards improving your website visibility.

SEO audit

Get your website fit for the web and optimal visibility with a quick, effective SEO audit

There are well over 200 ranking factors that Google considers when categorising your website and content. We look at ten key elements that we know are hyper-persuasive in determining your website visibility. Once implemented, you’ll:

  • Get your website operating at best practice
  • Improve content crawlability and indexation
  • Start gaining traction in search engine results pages

What do you get with a starter SEO audit?

The starter SEO audit starts with a 30-minute kick-off call where you tell us about your business and we look at your SEO history. We don’t go into detail about your competitors with this audit, but if that’s something you want to consider, please opt for one of the other website audits on offer.

Before we get to work, we’ll take a snapshot of your current SEO metrics that we consider the benchmark. (This will be your performance indicator further down the line after you’ve implemented the starter SEO audit recommendations we create for you.)

We will then take 7 days to compile your Get Me Off The Ground SEO Audit document that will look at the following ten key SEO ranking factors:

  • Search Console setup
  • XML sitemap configuration
  • Canonical URLs
  • Website speed and usability
  • SEO keyword usage
  • GA4 setup
  • Robots.txt configuration
  • Site mobility
  • Website meta data
  • Site crawl and analysis

We conclude your start SEO audit with a priority list that gives you a clear implementation plan starting with the elements that are the most pressing. To be clear, all of the recommendations will need to be implemented, but you can do them in order of priority.

Find and fix any glaring errors

You don’t know what 404s, broken links, or issues lie beneath the surface unless you look. An audit will highlight this for you.

Create a seamless experience

Without browsing our own site daily, it can be difficult to know if there are any mobility or usability challenges. An audit will find these.

Make it easy for users to find you

If you don’t create the foundation for optimal visibility, chances are you’ll stay lost in the ocean of competitors. An audit fixes this.

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Not sure if you need our basic SEO audit?

If you’ve never audited your site, the best time to do it is now. Often websites are built without SEO in mind, or there is an assumption that the theme you bought will manage all of that for you. An audit will determine how much (or how little) has been taking into consideration, and we’re here for it all.

It starts here.