SEO Analysis

Improve search engine rankings with an SEO audit

Uncover gaps in your user experience and resolve on-page and off-page issues that could be holding your website back. We’ll help you identify areas for improvement in both your technical SEO and your content.

Diagnose weaknesses in your SEO

Any successful SEO strategy is built on a strong foundation. A comprehensive SEO audit will identify where you need to make improvements to your website framework, link profile, and content.

Get a detailed SEO analysis of what’s working and what’s not

Current CMSs have SEO built into their functionality, however, they’re not always geared towards the most optimal results for search engine visibility. An SEO audit clearly showcases where your best fixes lie.

  • Understand where you need to focus your SEO efforts
  • Get a detailed overview of your site structure and how each element is performing for your business
  • Identify your content weaknesses and how you can improve them

Why choose Archetype to conduct an SEO audit on your site?

There are well over 200 ranking factors that can hinder your website’s visibility. Our audits are meticulous. We analyse your site’s technical structure, link profile, and content performance, investigating the standing of the most prominent rankings factors and making a recommendation for each.

Identify technical issues

Work through a checklist of hidden issues that will help you get the most out of your website and your content.

Improve website experience

Improve speed, site structure and overall performance, giving your users the best possible experience.

Boost content visibility

Give your SEO content the best chance of being found by publishing it on a stable foundation.

Not sure if you need an SEO analysis for your website?

If your business doesn’t show up in search results, an audit is the first place to start to figure out why. Without one, you’re going in blind and could be pouring money into a site that will never perform.

An SEO audit will help you understand what technical and content-related aspects of your site are working for you or against you. We’ll help you prioritise the importance of each recommendation through a detailed implementation plan.