Give your business’s online performance the boost it needs with a website audit

If your site’s not cutting it, and you’ve been wondering where to begin to fix it, this is your sign. Schedule a website audit to ensure you don’t build greatness on a rotten foundation. Our website audits are comprehensive and insightful, giving you all the info you need to create a clean landscape to build a site that works for you.

Give your site its best possible chance at success

A website audit is for you if you’re done trying to figure out why your website isn’t ranking, even when you’ve been throwing everything at it. It’s for you if you’ve lost faith that SEO even works. It’s definitely for you if you’ve wasted days, weeks, or months writing content that is not performing.

  • Start putting your hard-earned time to best possible use
  • Start seeing measurable results on your site performance
  • Start improving organic impressions and clicks and actually competing for your chosen SEO keywords
website audits

Choose from a suite of website audit options tailored to varying levels of need

Get me off the ground SEO audit

We audit your site for the top ten most pressing SEO fundamentals. Getting you off the ground and into the world (wide web).

SEO website content audit

We audit your SEO website content in line with everything we know that’s needed for content to rank. Getting you ranking.

Technical SEO website audit

We audit the most important must-have technical aspects of your site to ensure you’re operating smoothly. Getting your site visible.

SEO content and technical audit

Combining both SEO website content and technical specifics, this is the all-encompassing audit that covers it all.

Competing on the worldwide web means taking every opportunity to make your website shine.

If you’re trying to create that shine from years of hack jobs and temporary fixes, there’s a good chance you’re piling sh1t on top of sh1t. Turning that into something that shines just isn’t going to happen. Stop. Take it back to basics and find out where you went wrong.

What you get with each website audit booked with the Archetype team:

Each audit, even the baby get me off the ground audit, is filled to the brim with actionable insights. Each audit item is explained in terms of its relevance to the audit, which alone helps you understand the mechanics of your website and how it is crawled, indexed, and ranked.

We assume the role of the investigator in each of our audits, working through each audit item one by one. Our findings for each item are captured, as well as our recommendation based on each finding.

Some audit items are higher prize winners than others, so we will make sure you know which ones to implement first as well as the basics on how to get that done.

We give you a quick rundown of how to implement each recommendation and what order to do it in. But if you’re still feeling uncertain, we can step in and manage your implementation for you as a follow-on project.

It’s a no brainer. If you don’t know where to start with your website, it’s because you haven’t done an audit yet.

Let’s remedy that and get you kicking off to a running start within 14 days. Yup, that’s all we need to deliver a comprehensive, detailed, and properly executed website audit that (when used for implementation) will help you boost your website performance to stellar heights.